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Financing at 0% APR for 12 months is available for qualified customers
on tankless water heater purchases made June 8 – July 15, 2020.

Call for more details: 1-877-280-4411

State ProLine® Power Vent Gas Water Heater

If you need a power vent water heater, our appliance experts will help you pick the perfect State model for your family’s specific needs. And since no two Power Vent home installs are the same, we'll even come to your home to make sure the price we give you for the install is customized for your home.

Models: GS6-40-BCT and GS6-40-BCS

State ProLine® Power Vent Gas Water Heater



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  • Eco-Friendly non-CFC foam insulation, external heat traps and specially designed combustion chamber
  • .62 Energy Factor Efficiency Rating
  • DynaClean™ Diffuser Dip Tub helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizes hot water output


From laying new gas piping to hooking up your grill, we handle it all.


Finance with us at a competitive interest rate. You can even add the payments to your gas bill.

Dominion Energy North Carolina appliance sales, installation, maintenance and repair programs are not a part of the regulated services offered by Dominion Energy North Carolina and are not in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission.