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PSNC Energy is becoming Dominion Energy

Keep your natural gas water heater running at its best with the Water Heater Check-up Program for tank-type water heaters.

For just $120 plus tax, a PSNC Energy service technician will:

  • Check for water leaks, corrosion, and overall safe operation
  • Visually inspect pilot assembly and burner compartment and clean as needed
  • Test thermo couple for proper operation*
  • Make sure venting system is drawing and operating properly
  • Set your water heater for optimal energy efficiency at 120° F

A tankless water heater flush is available for $220 plus tax. A tankless flush takes a minimum of one hour and includes recirculating solution through the tankless water heater to remove lime/calcium scale buildup. The tankless water heater will also be flushed with clean water.**

Call 1-877-776-2427 to schedule.

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  • For more information, or to schedule a water heater check-up, call us today.


PSNC Energy appliance sales, installation, maintenance and repair programs are not a part of the regulated services offered by PSNC Energy and are not in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

*PSNC Energy will test thermo couple on Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) units with sealed burners, or will replace the thermo couple on standard units if necessary. Any water heater manufactured after July 5, 2005 must meet new ANSI standards.

**Tankless water heater flush valve kit must be installed prior to service. Addition of valve kit not included.