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Natural Gas Meters

A gas meter measures the amount of natural gas in cubic feet. A cubic foot of natural gas contains approximately 1,000 BTUs of heat, which is the equivalent of burning 1,000 kitchen matches.

How to read your natural gas meter:

Your natural gas meter has four or five dials. The numbers are clockwise on some dials and counterclockwise on others. Write down the smaller number if the pointer is between two numbers, except between nine and zero -- in this case, zero is considered 10, so nine would be the correct reading. If the pointer is on a number, look at the dial at the right. If that pointer has not passed zero, write down the smaller number. The reading on the dial example below is 5429.

To find out the amount of cubic feet used during a given amount of time, take two readings, then subtract the earlier reading from the more recent one.