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Hover over the icons to find out about the various components of your energy bill. You can also compare your actual bill to the graphic below.

The above is a sample bill provided only to help explain your Dominion Energy North Carolina bill. The current charges, total other charges, credits, usage, and other information on the sample bill are provided as an example, and in no way bear any relationship to the actual charges, credit, usage or other information on your Dominion Energy North Carolina bill.

Your Dominion Energy NC account number.

A quick at-a-glance summary of your account.

Details about your gas usage for this billing cycle, to compare with the same billing cycle one year ago.

A breakdown of your current natural gas charges. The "Basic Facilities Charge" appears on bills every month regardless of the amount of natural gas used. This monthly fee is designed to recover a portion of the company’s operating costs as well as expenses associated with meter reading, maintenance, billing and other administrative processes.

Your personal online activation code, which allows you to view and pay your bill online at

Total amount due (including current charges), total other charges or credits, and any balance brought forward from previous statements.

Your payment stub. Please be sure to return it with your payment.

A variety of payment options for your convenience.

Check this section for special messages from Dominion Energy NC, which may include important information about your rate plan, special offers and other promotions.