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Our in-home energy audit program is designed to help you make your home more energy efficient. Stop wasting energy and start saving money by scheduling an in-home energy audit performed by one of our certified energy audit technicians.

Who is eligible?

The program is available to current residential customers with natural gas heat or natural gas water heat whose homes were built prior to April 15, 1993.

How much is it?

For just $25, you’ll receive a thorough energy assessment of your home.

What's included?

The audit includes:

  • Conducting a blower door test to determine the air tightness of your home
  • Inspecting doors and windows
  • Evaluating the condition of caulking, weather stripping and insulation levels throughout your home
  • Inspecting HVAC unit(s) and water heater(s)
  • Evaluating your home’s overall thermal efficiency

Will the technician help make improvements?

You can choose to make improvements at the time of your audit. If your audit tech finds areas that need improvement, you can choose to apply the program’s $25 fee towards certain materials your audit tech can use to make your home more energy efficient right away.