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PSNC Energy is becoming Dominion Energy

Activate Service

As a qualified transportation customer, you can make arrangements to purchase gas and transport it to PSNC Energy for your own account(s) or contract with an approved PSNC Energy shipper. PSNC Energy accepts only one designated shipper for each account for any given month.

Contracting with a Shipper

If you're new to the program, or your company information has changed (such as contact names, shipper selection or account information), you must complete our Customer Authorization Form.

Customer Billing and Balancing

The shipper bills the customer for the cost of the gas and transportation fees to move the gas to PSNC Energy's system. PSNC Energy provides all shippers with the actual quantities of gas consumed by their customers, and the shippers use the actual quantities for billing. PSNC Energy bills the customer for transportation service on our system. All gas consumed by a customer during any month that the customer is transporting is billed by PSNC Energy at the customer's applicable transportation rate. The only exception involves gas quantities consumed by Interruptible Rate 150 accounts during periods of requested curtailment.

Qualify as a PSNC Energy Shipper

If you wish to act as a shipper for delivering gas supplies into the PSNC Energy system, please complete and deliver two original Transportation Pooling Agreements to the Transportation & Administration Department of PSNC Energy.

Proposals from shippers to acquire interstate pipeline capacity from PSNC Energy are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Current season (i.e., summer/winter)
  2. Availability of capacity
  3. Proposed term of transaction
  4. Proposed primary delivery point (i.e., on-system/off-system)
  5. Market pricing (commodity and basis)

PSNC Energy does not give any shipper preference over a similarly situated shipper in matters relating to capacity assignment, release, or any other transfer of capacity rights on the interstate pipeline system.

Joint Meetings with Customers and Marketers/Shippers

PSNC Energy representatives will meet with customers and their gas marketing affiliate after a customer requests a joint meeting in writing and submits such request to PSNC Energy.

Upon written request, PSNC Energy representatives will meet with customers and nonaffiliated gas marketers under the same conditions as they will meet jointly with customers and its gas marketing affiliate.

A record of all joint meetings between PSNC Energy, a customer, and a gas marketer (affiliated or nonaffiliated) is kept on file in PSNC Energy's corporate office. This information identifies the customer, the marketer (affiliated or nonaffiliated) and the participating PSNC Energy personnel, and is available for review by any customer, any nonaffiliated gas marketer, the Utilities Commission and the Public Staff of the Utilities Commission.

PSNC Energy will post a description and the noncommercial terms of any joint marketing arrangement entered into with its gas marketing affiliate. This information will be posted on PSNC Energy's website along with an offer by PSNC Energy to engage in a joint marketing arrangement on similar terms with a nonaffiliated gas marketer at least 14 days prior to the commencement of such an arrangement and the information will remain on the website for the duration of the arrangement.

Transportation Nomination Calendar

Nomination Schedule - The shipper must submit nominations for each month's transportation to PSNC Energy in writing on or before the deadlines indicated on the Transportation Nomination Schedule.

Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the indicated PSNC Nomination Deadline.

Intra-month revisions to gas quantities being delivered to PSNC Energy must be received by PSNC Energy in writing or by fax no later than 5:00 p.m. two days prior to the day of gas flow.

Requests for service under Special Sales Rate Schedule 160 or Special Transportation Rate Schedule 165 must be received by PSNC Energy no later than 2 p.m. on the business day following the NYMEX Settlement Date.

Alternate Fuel

PSNC Energy offers two Rate Schedules to accommodate eligible customers who maintain an alternate fuel source.

Special Sales Rate 160 is available to Rate Schedule 150 customers with installed and operable alternate fuel capabilities on those occasions when PSNC Energy has gas available that is not needed to provide service under its other Rate Schedules containing fixed rates.

Special Transportation Rate 165 is available to Rate Schedule 180 customers with installed and operable alternate fuel capabilities on those occasions when PSNC Energy has transportation service available that is not needed to provide service under its other Rate Schedules containing fixed rates. PSNC Energy may require customers to demonstrate that their alternate fuel capabilities are able to operate before providing service under these Rate Schedules, and sales are provided only in accordance with PSNC Energy’s guidelines as may be revised from time to time.

Operating Personnel

D. Russell Harris

President and Chief Operating Officer - PSNC Energy

President - SCE&G, Gas Operations

Senior Vice President - SCANA

Directs the ongoing operations of PSNC Energy to include operations and maintenance activities, capital investments in infrastructure, gas supply, safety, and long-term planning. Additionally, provide indirect oversight of regulatory activities, marketing, financial and information systems management.

Shaun Randall

Vice President of Gas Operations - PSNC Energy

Responsible for leadership and strategic planning related to natural gas utility activities including transmission, distribution, supply, and marketing. Oversees the operations, maintenance, engineering, construction, and enhancements of all transmission lines and facilities.