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We created our Supplier Diversity Program more than 30 years ago to establish successful business relationships with qualified suppliers who can provide products and services that we use. We support supplier diversity in seven key areas:

  • Outreach – hosting Supplier Symposiums and supplier- buyer “match-making” events throughout the year.
  • Training and development – offering training and support for small and diverse businesses on how to do business with us.
  • Scholarship – sponsoring a scholarship for a small or diverse business owner to attend an on-campus executive management program.
  • Mentoring – engaging in one-on-one learning sessions with suppliers.
  • Tracking – monitoring and reporting our progress toward achieving our small and diverse business goals.
  • Compliance – following federal guidelines by submitting an annual Subcontracting Plan with goals and objectives.
  • Reporting – submitting the required reports to General Services Administration, Small Business Administration and other prime contractors, to include the annual subcontracting report and year-end attainment report.

Although we allow suppliers to self-certify, we also encourage potential suppliers to get certified with third party organizations, including but not limited to:

We encourage potential suppliers to consider getting certified by one of these or another appropriate certifying body.

We work with companies of all sizes, large and small, in and outside our service territories, local and global businesses. The first step is to register your company within our supplier database.

Although supplier registration does not guarantee a request for bid, it will offer our procurement personnel the ability to further identify your business capabilities when an opportunity arises.

Our company selects new suppliers based upon business needs, existing contractual relationships, and supplier offerings. Criteria include, but not limited to:

  • Supplier’s safety record.
  • Risk and financial stability.
  • Ability to meet our minimum insurance requirements.
  • Third-party certifications.
  • Federal debarments.
  • Degree of work experience, best price and references.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with all types of businesses including small, women-, minority-, HUBZone-, veteran- and service disabled veteran-owned businesses. Our Supplier Diversity program seeks to provide equal access to procurement opportunities to qualified small and diverse suppliers. We believe a diverse supplier pool is a wise strategy that improves our reliability, safety and affordability.

Our company and its subsidiaries purchase a wide variety of products and services across many categories, including:

  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Electric Transmission
  • Engineering Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Facilities Management
  • Gas Distribution
  • Material Management
  • Pipes, Values & Fittings
  • Safety & Health
  • Telecommunications
  • Tree Trimming and Right-of-Way Clearing
  • Wire

See our full list of commonly utilized services and commodities.

Yes. Our company has operations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Based on the location and type of the job there could be other jurisdictional regulatory requirements. We encourage our primes to establish a percent of contract award to do business with small diverse businesses in case there are circumstances preventing direct procurement opportunities.
Contract duration varies depending on the individual product or service. We may invite other qualified suppliers to bid when a contract comes up for renewal. Our company reserves the right to continue pre-existing relationships without conducting new bids based on the business need.
Standard payment terms are usually Net 30 days after goods and services are accepted but could vary per contract terms. Preferred payment method is credit card or an electronic payment process.
Registration in our database does not guarantee a request for bid, but it will offer our procurement personnel the ability to further identify your business capabilities when an opportunity arises.

For more information on our scholarship for a small or diverse business owner to attend an on-campus executive management program, leave a message on our hotline at 803-217-8780.

When an opportunity arises, our procurement teams select potential vendors from those registered in our supplier database. All eligible companies are notified simultaneously via email when a Request for Proposal (or similar opportunity) becomes available.

You will receive an email notification when your company's information has been registered in the supplier database. Our company representatives may contact you to request documentation and/or more information about your company's services.

When registering in our supplier database, be as specific as possible about the products and services your company provides. If a company representative contacts you for more information, or if an opportunity becomes available, respond quickly and ensure you meet any associated deadlines.

Like most other public utilities, our company privately solicits bids for contracts. As a result, all information solicited through the bidding process is confidential.

No. Our company privately solicits bids for contracts without public announcement. To submit your company's information for consideration as a potential supplier, register in our supplier database.