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Supplier Diversity Program

We created our Supplier Diversity Program more than 30 years ago to establish successful business relationships with qualified suppliers who can provide products and services that we use.

In the last five years, we have spent more than $1.5 billion with small, diverse businesses. Each year, we continue to set supplier diversity goals to meet or exceed.



We host Supplier Symposiums and supplier-buyer "match-making" events throughout the year.

Training & Development

We offer training and support for small and diverse businesses on how to do business with us.


We sponsor a scholarship for a small or diverse business owner to attend an on-campus executive management program.


We engage in one-on-one learning sessions with suppliers.


We monitor and report our spend with diverse suppliers.


We follow federal guidelines by submitting an annual Subcontracting Plan with goals and objectives.

Diversity Certification Organizations

Although our company allows suppliers to self-certify, we also encourage potential suppliers to get certified with third party organizations, including but not limited to: