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PSNC Energy is becoming Dominion Energy

The environment is a precious and fragile resource. We embrace our responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects it.

Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas:

  • Natural gas use in homes and businesses achieve 92% energy efficiency.
  • Natural gas produces far less carbon dioxide than coal or oil when combusted.
  • Natural gas serves as a clean, affordable complement to renewable energy

Learn more from the American Gas Association or visit Why Natural Gas.

Fueling the Future

PSNC Energy is leading the way in promoting natural gas as the best alternative to gasoline. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the cleanest burning alternative transportation fuel commercially available, reducing emissions by 20 to 30% when compared with diesel and gasoline.

So far, we've converted 35% of our fleet - that's 200+ vehicles - to run on CNG, and we operate 10 public CNG stations throughout the state.

Conservation Education

We work with The National Theatre for Children to present "The Energy Time Trek" in 50+ elementary schools in our service territory each fall. The educational program focuses on natural gas safety and conservation. More than 173,000 children have seen the interactive play since 2009.

To find out more about or to see if your child's school could host a performance, email the National Theatre for Children at

Who We Support

PSNC Energy is proud to support local organizations and projects that benefit the environment, such as: