With ePay, you get the flexibility to pay your PSNC Energy bill online any time prior to its due date.

When you sign up for ePay, you provide us with the bank account from which you want to pay your bill. View your bill online any time. When you want to pay your bill (any time before the due date), you simply select Pay Online, confirm the amount to be paid and click Submit Payment. We withdraw the funds to pay your bill using the account information you provided.

ePay is like eDraft, only you decide every month when you want to pay your bill rather than having it paid automatically every month. ePay also enables you to make partial payments prior to your bill’s due date. That way, if you find yourself with a higher than normal bill, you can pay along-the-way in more manageable amounts until your bill is due.

You can sign up for ePay using your online account. You can sign up for an online PSNC Energy account at any time.

If you ever decide to change the account from which your payment is withdrawn, simply sign in to your account and make your changes.

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