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More and more restaurant owners and food service organizations in North Carolina are choosing natural gas to fuel their kitchens. From powerful, energy-efficient dishwashers to high performance cooktops and ovens, gas appliances are essential tools of the food service industry.

Gas products are also warming up dining rooms and outdoor seating areas with natural gas logs and fireplaces and gas-powered patio heaters. Find out what natural gas can do for your food service business in:

The Kitchen
The Dining Room

Then find out how a few simple changes in how you do business can help you save energy and money with our energy-saving tips.

The Kitchen

If food is improperly cooked, it gets sent back. That can disrupt kitchen operations and possibly waste food. Natural gas eliminates these problems by producing a higher quality end product! With professional natural gas cooking equipment, you get:

  • Even and precise cooking control
  • An instant flame
  • Reduced cooking time (thereby reducing fuel consumption)
  • Lower maintenance costs

Water Heating
Kitchen operations require large amounts of hot water. With natural gas water heating, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water! Natural gas water heaters:

  • Heat water about 50 percent faster than most electric models
  • Have a lower operating cost
  • Provide an abundant supply of even-temperature water.

If your restaurant only uses hot water at the end of the day for clean-up operations, consider going tankless. A wall-mounted tankless water heating unit provides hot water when needed while avoiding the cost of running a large tank system all day long. It also frees up space for other critical operations. Learn more about tankless water heaters.

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The Dining Room

Space Heating
Enhancing the comfort of your customers keeps them coming back. Natural gas space heating provides warmer heat than other fuel sources and helps create that comfortable feeling your customers love! Natural gas space heating:

  • Heats quickly for a faster start-up to your serving time
  • Allows for the ability to regulate a thermostat for enhanced comfort
  • Has more dependable equipment with longer life
  • Eliminates refrigerant leak or compressor issues that reduce equipment performance, driving up your energy costs.

Natural Gas Fireplaces and Logs
A cozy fire in an open dining room is a convenient, inexpensive way to create an atmosphere that adds to customers’ overall satisfaction. Count on gas fireplaces and logs for:

  • A welcoming atmosphere at the flip of a switch or by using a remote control
  • A clean and clean-burning fire with no messy ashes
  • The convenience of an instant flame with no wood to buy, cut or haul
  • An easy-to-control flame and heating level.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters
Many customers enjoy dining on decks, patios and outdoor entertainment areas. Stationary natural gas patio heaters provide a way for your customers to enjoy year-round dining outdoors. Patio heaters provide:

  • Cozy, outdoor dining comfort even on chilly evenings
  • Instant control with an on/off switch or remote
  • An easy permanent and secure installation.

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