Manage Your Budget Wisely

Energy costs can comprise a significant portion of household expenses, whether you're enjoying the single life, starting out as a newlywed, raising a family or settling into retirement.

That's why it makes sense to budget for your energy usage– and to manage your overall budget wisely.

Here are some ideas to help you do both.

  • Set your financial goals.
  • Know your income.
  • Estimate your monthly fixed expenses and your regular flexible expenses. For 30 days, compile a list of your spending. Then total it by categories like housing, groceries, lunches, car expenses and entertainment. Most likely you will be surprised at how quickly small expenditures add up.
  • Estimate your occasional spending.
  • Compare your income and spending, and then make adjustments to ensure your income exceeds your spending. If it doesn't, study where your money is going. Where can you cut back? What can you do differently that will have the biggest pay off? Consider: 

- Increasing your income with a new or second job.
- Reducing your expenses by changing the way you live.

Any significant change in the supply and demand of natural gas, such as storms that disrupt production or cold weather that increases customer demand, can raise wholesale prices for natural gas, which can impact your natural gas rate. Here is what you can do to deal with potential energy cost increases.

  • Plan ahead to budget for your natural gas bill. If you face the possibility of being shut off, contact PSNC Energy as soon as possible. We'll work with you if you're having trouble paying your bill.
  • Enroll in Budget Billing, and spread your total annual heating cost more evenly over the year.
  • Apply early for financial assistance through your local community or social services organization, if you're income-eligible. Each agency may have specific requirements – so do the research now to understand how you might qualify.
  • Follow PSNC's Energy-Saving Tips.
  • Replace older appliances with more energy-efficient models.

This information was obtained by PSNC Energy from various third party sources. These sources, and the information obtained from them, will be provided to you on request to PSNC Energy. PSNC believes the information to be accurate and complete, but has not verified or confirmed the information. Before relying on this information, you should independently verify its accuracy and completeness.

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