In-home Energy Audit

Don't want an in-home energy audit?

You can learn how to improve your home's energy efficiency now by completing PSNC Energy's online energy audit.

Our in-home energy audits are available to current residential customers with natural gas heat or natural gas water heat, whose home was built prior to April 15, 1993. Learn what measures you can take to enhance energy efficiency throughout your home with the help of a PSNC Energy professional.

For just $25, PSNC Energy will come to your home to assess your home’s energy efficiency and recommend steps you can take to improve your home’s overall energy usage and ultimately save money on your energy bill. The assessment should take about three to four hours.

You must be a PSNC Energy customer to participate in this program.

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What's Included?
Should the audit recommend measures and materials to make your home more energy efficient, you can choose to have PSNC Energy make certain improvements for you, at the time of your audit, and apply the $25 fee as a credit towards the purchase of recommended materials available from our company.
Our thorough energy efficiency assessment includes:

• Doors and windows
• Caulking and weather stripping
• Insulation levels
• Heating and air conditioning unit
• Water heaters
• Your home’s thermal efficiency

We can even make improvements for you at the time of your audit. When our audit recommends measures and materials to make your home more energy efficient, we can make certain improvements while at your home. In fact, a majority of our customers choose to do just that for a couple of reasons. It’s convenient and at the time of the audit, the customer can apply the audit fee as a credit towards the purchase of recommended materials available from our audit technician.

The average total cost for materials installed by one of our Energy Audit Technicians is approximately $44. Small changes can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

Don’t wait for another winter of severe weather and high energy bills.
Now is the perfect time to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.  Contact an energy expert today!

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