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When ice storms or high winds knock out the power lines, you can stay warm and well fed. That's because many natural gas appliances work even when the power's out.

Just because there's a power outage doesn’t mean you have to go hungry. You can cook when the electricity goes out, since you can light the cooktop burners with a match if needed. Instead of letting the food in the refrigerator go bad, cook it up in the world’s most creative omelet or stir fry. Or use the power outage as an excuse to have a romantic candle-lit dinner. For grilling, gas barbecues can be lit manually and can provide that smoked, backyard flavor without the charcoal mess.

Remember: Due to the safety features of gas ovens, you cannot manually bypass the oven's lighting controls.

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Stay Warm
Many gas fireplaces are rated "furnace quality," meaning they are designed to heat a room. For most models, just flip the fireplace switch, or use the remote. Other models can be lit with a match. Either way, you'll stay toasty despite the storm.

Learn more about gas logs.

Most natural gas water heaters operate with a pilot light so they function even when the electricity is out. Further, natural gas water heaters are a great buy, because they can save you money and reheat water almost twice as fast as electric models. Weather permitting, treat yourself to a nice hot bath by candlelight.

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Generate Electricity
Many natural gas generators automatically kick on when the power goes out. They can power your furnace, refrigerator, some lights, and even the television during the big game. You'll have the most popular home in the neighborhood.

Most furnaces won't operate during a power outage because the entire heating system may require electricity, including the thermostat, fan motor and gas valve. In the event of a power outage, the standing pilot light will not be affected. It will continue to burn and once electricity is restored, the furnace will operate as usual. Furnaces with electronic ignition systems will also start automatically when power is restored.

Space heaters are also reliable because they can heat your home without requiring one watt of electricity. Learn more about space heating with natural gas.

Choose the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas.

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