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Is Natural Gas Available in Your Area?

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With natural gas you can go wrinkle free and still be energy efficient.

Natural Gas Clothes Dryers
Get energy and cost efficient with a natural gas dryer. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, gas dryers are less expensive to operate than electric dryers. The cost of drying a typical load of laundry in an electric dryer is 30-40 cents compared to 15-20 cents in a gas dryer. Look at the yellow-and-black EnergyGuide label on these appliances for more details.

Here’s what else to look for:

  • Features such as pilotless ignition and automatic shutoff. Look for models that offer electronic sensor drying. They use an electronic moisture-sensing device that "feels" the degree of moisture in the clothes. When the degree of dryness selected is reached, the dryer automatically shuts off.
  • Automatic cool-down feature -- a timed interval at the end of the drying cycle when tumbling continues with the heat off to reduce wrinkling of heat-sensitive synthetic fabrics and no-iron finishes.
  • Stackable washer-dryer combinations. Even if you’re short on space, you can enjoy the efficiency of natural gas with one of these space-saving appliances.

Important hint: when installing a new dryer, vent it to the outside to carry moisture-laden air out of your home. Flexible venting is not recommended; it tends to obstruct air flow and collects lint in its grooves.

Fuel Cost Comparison Tool

Want to quickly compare your existing heating system or water heater with a new natural gas system?

Try the new Fuel Cost Comparison Calculator now!

Gas Water Heating
Whether hand washing or machine washing, you’re going to want a constant supply of hot water in the laundry room. Count on a natural gas water heater to heat water about 50 percent faster than most electric models, giving you plenty of hot water whenever you need it.

Learn more about the benefits of gas water heaters and see what’s available at our PSNC Energy sales offices.

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