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Nothing delivers comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness like natural gas, especially in the kitchen.

Ranges, Cooktops & Wall Ovens
Whether you’re preparing the perfect pancakes or a delicate soufflé, natural gas provides just the right heat. That’s because natural gas allows for faster, more precise cooking. It’s no wonder top chefs worldwide prefer the sophisticated features and outstanding performance of natural gas ranges, cooktops and wall ovens.

With a gas flame there's no waiting for the burner to warm up or cool down. Unlike an electric range, the cooking stops as soon as you turn off the burner. Foods can cook faster and more evenly with natural gas. You can even cook when the electricity goes out, since you can light the cooktop burners with a match if needed. Plus, gas ranges are more cost-effective to operate than electric ranges.

Fuel Cost Comparison Tool

Want to quickly compare your existing heating system or water heater with a new natural gas system?

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Water Heaters

Keep your dishes and all the surfaces in your kitchen squeaky clean with the help of hot water. With natural gas water heating, you won’t worry about running out of hot water. Natural gas water heaters heat water about 50 percent faster than most electric models, giving you plenty of hot water whenever you need it-- even if the power is out. Plus:

  • Compared to electric water heaters, natural gas heaters are more cost-effective to operate and heat water faster.
  • They're more reliable because they'll continue to ensure you have hot water even when the electricity goes out.
  • Gas water heaters typically last longer than other types of water heaters too, saving you replacement costs over the years.

Here’s a hot idea. Get hot water when you want and only when you want it. A tankless water heater heats water only as it is used, or on demand. Though they may cost more than most conventional water heaters, they're cheaper to operate because energy isn't required to maintain a large tank of hot water 24 hours a day.

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