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Some call it a family room. Some call it a living room. Still others call it a great room. But what matters most about that space where you gather with family and friends is that it’s warm and cozy. That’s where natural gas comes in.

Natural Gas Furnaces
With an energy-efficient natural gas furnace, you can keep your family room – and your entire home -- warm. Natural gas furnaces heat your home quickly and provide heat up to 25 degrees warmer than electricity.

With natural gas heat, you'll enjoy a warmer feeling. That's because natural gas furnaces deliver air to heat registers at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit-- something other heat sources can't match. Gas-heating systems also have a longer operational life and require less maintenance.

Fuel Cost Comparison Tool

Want to quickly compare your existing heating system or water heater with a new natural gas system?

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Gas Logs and Fireplaces
Nothing sets the mood or warms the room like a natural gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces are engineered to provide fuel-efficient, fuss-free flames at the flick of a switch. Whether creating a romantic ambiance or just gathering with friends, you can enjoy a cozy fire instantly. There’s no wood to buy, haul, or store, which means less mess and less hassle.

Plus, gas fireplaces operate without electricity. Many are rated “furnace quality,” meaning they are designed to heat a room. For most models, all you will have to do is flip the fireplace switch, or use a remote. Other models can be lit with a match. Either way, you’ll stay toasty even when the power goes out. In addition, natural gas fireplaces:
  • Emit no smoky odor or ashes
  • Provide space heating
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Add a warm glow and ambiance to the room

Gas logs offer flexibility in décor that is not possible with a traditional hearth. From free-standing to see-through fireplaces, there are gas logs to match many fireplace styles.

There are two types of fireplace log sets:

  • Vented decorative gas fireplace log sets can be installed into an existing fireplace and require a fireplace damper.
  • Vent-free logs can be freestanding, requiring no flue or chimney. Many owners like the way they help heat a room while adding a warm glow.

Check out our Comforts of Home Buyers Guide (PDF, 1MB) for more product information on gas logs and fireplaces, or contact our PSNC Energy sales offices.

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