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With natural gas, you can transform your bathroom into a personal spa of body-embracing warmth and luxury.

Natural Gas Water Heaters
From an entertainment system in your whirlpool bath to an infinity-edge tub, there are numerous ways to make your bathing experience extraordinary. Nothing, however, beats an unlimited supply of hot water. That’s why a natural gas water heater is the best way to heat up your bathing experience.

You won’t worry about running out of hot water. Natural gas water heaters heat water about 50 percent faster than most electric models, giving you plenty of hot water whenever you need it, even if the power is out. Gas water heaters typically last longer than other types of water heaters too, saving you replacement costs over the years.

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Go Tankless
When it comes to hot water, you can get it when and only when you want it. A tankless water heater heats water only as it is used, or on demand. Rather than holding water in a tank like a conventional water heater, the tankless heater circulates water through a burner that heats the water as it passes through. The result is that you only pay to heat water when you need it and for as long as you want it.

Radiant Flooring Systems
There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower onto a nice, toasty warm floor. You can have one in your bathroom with radiant heat flooring. Although radiant heat technology works with virtually any hot water heat source or fuel, systems fueled by natural gas are the most efficient and most often used. Radiant floor heating includes two primary components:

  • The tubing, which is placed beneath the floors of your home
  • The heating source - a water heater or boiler

While conventional heating systems rely on air circulation to distribute heat, radiant heating takes advantage of the fact that warm air rises. Installed beneath a home's flooring, it radiates heat upward and outward, spreading warmth and comfort throughout the room. There are three types of radiant floor systems:

  • Single-purpose system: A separate water heater or boiler provides heated water for the radiant floor system, while a conventional furnace or boiler and water heater handle regular household space and water heating needs.
  • Dual-purpose system: A single unit performs two functions, supplying energy for both the radiant floor system and household hot water.
  • Contained system: In this arrangement, water supplies for the radiant floor heating system and household drinking water are isolated by separate coils within the tank.

Equipment price and installation costs vary depending on the unit or system you select, the number and size of rooms to be covered, the complexity of the installation and other related factors. Operating costs can be much lower than standard space and water heating systems. Costs vary based on the cost of natural gas and your natural gas provider.

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