Pilot Lighting Safety

Most new natural gas appliances (with the exception of water heaters) have electronic ignition and automatic shutoff values to prevent the main burner from activating if the pilot is not lit. If the pilot light goes out, the automatic shutoff valve is activated, and the appliance will safely shut off.

Many older natural gas appliances and most gas water heaters use pilot lights that burn continuously and may not feature automatic shutoff valves. If there is a gas odor from an unlit pilot light, report it to PSNC Energy at
1-877-776-2427 immediately. We’ll investigate and help you correct the problem.

In addition, pilot lights and main burners on gas appliances should always produce a blue flame. If the flame is yellow or red, call PSNC Energy for service as soon as possible. If your pilot light is substantially higher than normal, this may be an indication of excessive pressure. You should also call us.

We’ll Light Up for You
Whether you need a pilot light turned on or off, PSNC Energy will be happy to handle the job for you. There is a minimum charge of $85 for this service. To schedule pilot lighting services, simply call PSNC Energy toll-free at

Note: Please contact a local heating and cooling dealer to have your central heating system pilot light lit.

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