Gas Safety Tips
  • Teach children to never turn on or light gas appliances.
  • Use gas appliances only for their intended purposes. For example, don’t try to heat a room using your oven.
  • Gas appliances should be installed and repaired only by licensed service technicians.
  • Keep burners and surrounding surfaces on gas appliances clean.
  • Make sure the flues of any automatically controlled gas appliances are kept clean and properly vented.
  • Never store or use flammable liquids in the same room with a gas appliance or near a flue outlet.
  • Never store combustible materials near floor or wall furnace grilles.
  • If you detect the odor of natural gas, let PSNC Energy track it down. Don’t turn on or off any electrical appliances, even light switches. Leave the building immediately and call 1-877-776-2427 or 911.
  • Tampering with gas meters or piping is dangerous and illegal. If you suspect tampering, call us at call
  • Make sure that your heating equipment is clean and in good working order. Properly adjusted pilots and burners and clean filters pay off in terms of safety and savings.
  • If you turn up the thermostat on your water heater for any reason, remember to turn it down when you’re finished. This will help avoid small children accidentally being scalded when they turn on the hot water.
  • Clean chimneys, vents and flues. Leaves, birds’ nests, fallen bricks and other debris can create problems, including exposure to carbon monoxide. If you find something you can’t handle, call a licensed heating contractor.
  • Guard against carbon monoxide. Make sure your furnace is inspected annually. If you use a carbon monoxide detector, make sure it is a U.L. approved, alarm-sounding device. If the alarm sounds, immediately call your local fire department or 911 and leave the building.
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