Read My Meter

Your PSNC Energy gas meter measures the amount of natural gas you use each month. Though they vary in size and shape, gas meters record usage by tracking the filling and emptying of the compartments inside the meter.

If you would like to track your usage over time, you can record your readings using our meter reading tracking table (PDF,14KB).  But first, it will be helpful to understand how to read your meter. Doing so is easy. Just follow the steps below.

How to Read a Meter
The dials that record the amount of gas used are grouped together in a row of four or five on your gas meter. Each represents a single number in the reading. Here's how to read the meter dials on the meter at your home:

  1. Read the meter dials right to left, writing down the numbers in the same order (right to left).
  2. If the hand points between two numbers, use the lower number. When it points between 9 and 0, always read it as 9.
  3. When a dial pointer appears to be exactly on a number, look back at the dial to the right. If the pointer on that dial has not passed zero, the reading on the dial in question is the lower number.

Reading a Sample Meter

Sample meter

  • Dial A - The hand is in between the 9 and the 0, when the hand is in between two numbers, use the lower number. Dial A's number is 9. (this dial goes clockwise.)
  • Dial B - The hand is between the 2 and the 3, so this dial should be read as 2. (this dial goes counterclockwise.)
  • Dial C - The hand is between the 4 and the 5, so this dial should be read as 4. (this dial goes clockwise.)
  • Dial D - The hand is between the 5 and the 6, so this dial should be read as 5. (this dial goes counterclockwise.)

The correct reading for the sample meter is 5429. This means 5429 hundred cubic feet (CCF) of gas or 542,900 cubic feet.

Is Your Meter Accessible?
Even with Automated Meter Reading technology, PSNC Energy field representatives on occasion will need to manually read your gas meter. To provide the best service, make sure we can reach and read your meter.

  • Keep shrubs trimmed; don't block the meter.
  • Secure your animals if you know there is an appointment scheduled for PSNC Energy to visit your meter.

  • Unlock gates that allow meter access.
  • Never tamper with the meter or paint over the read dials
  • Do not chain or electrically ground anything to the meter.

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