A Message from Rusty Harris

The humidity will soon be here to stay, but right now our weather is pretty close to perfect. And these long evenings have a way of making outdoor dining feel like a real luxury — whether you’re on your own deck or down the street at your favorite restaurant.

Relaxing with family and friends over a meal is its own reward, but some among us get as much pleasure from planning and preparing the menu. In this issue of Comforts of Home, we feature a chef who loves the heat of the kitchen, particularly when it comes to using natural gas in his professional setting as well as his home. The recipe for one of his signature dishes might be just enough incentive for you to try out your own grilling talents.

This time of year also brings with it a greater chance for storms with high winds, and many folks are interested in having a natural gas-fired generator on hand for emergencies. Of course, the convenience of natural gas comes into play with just about any household appliance. We can show you the advantages of using a natural gas grill or tankless water heater at The Natural Gas Store in either Raleigh or Kannapolis. You can find out more about the equipment we sell plus get an update on our future store locations in this issue.

Finally, if you’re going to be digging in the yard, remember to dial 811 to have your underground utilities located first. That one phone call can make a difference in keeping you and your family safe.

Have a great summer.

Rusty Harris

President and Chief Operating Officer

PSNC Energy

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