Comforts of Home Spring 2012

Gas-Fueled Homes Sell Faster

If you don’t currently have all gas appliances at home, perhaps it is time to consider replacing electric appliances with natural gas appliances to improve resale value. At least that’s what a new study by the National Association of Home Builders discovered.

The national survey, prepared for the Energy Solutions Center by the National Association of Home Builders in November 2010, asked NAHB’s builder members to compare the prices of newly built single-family homes with natural gas equipment to those homes with only electric equipment.
According to the study, homes powered by gas fuel sold for higher prices than electric homes – regardless of the size of the home. The gas home, on average, sold for 6 percent more than the electric home.
Other results of the study indicate:

  • The average price for a new home with gas heating systems and appliances was $328,549, compared with an average price of $308,520 for a comparable home with only electric heating systems and appliances.
  • A typical gas home sells for $250,000 or more. A majority of builders noted that a new home with natural gas equipment (e.g. heater, range, water heater, dryer or fireplace) generally sells more quickly than a new home with electric appliances.

Reprinted with permission from Natural Living magazine, copyright 2011 PRISM Media Group.

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