New Products Bring Outdoor Room to Life

The crispness of fall is in the air, and while some people may view this as the end of the outdoor season, that’s not the case for homeowners who have outdoor rooms with products fueled by natural gas. The warmth and convenience of these products help extend the outdoor season well into the cold days of winter.

Over the last several years, there has been a sizable shift in the creation of outdoor living spaces in homes throughout North Carolina. These rooms are blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, and becoming a true extension of the home. Many homeowners are even finding that they can recoup the entire cost of adding an outdoor room when they eventually sell their homes.

Traditional outdoor rooms often include built-in grills, fire pits, fireplaces and space heaters—all fueled with natural gas. But many new and interesting outdoor fire products are now available for those interested in adding or upgrading an outdoor room. Here are a few of the new outdoor products available from PSNC Energy that will help keep your outdoor spaces warm and toasty.

Fire Urns
Perfect for pool decks and other areas that need added warmth during cool evenings, fire urns are one of the fastestgrowing new fire products. Use them in areas that are too small for a larger fire pit or fireplace, or for places away from the main gathering area where people tend to congregate.

If you enjoy dining al fresco and want to extend the outdoor dining season into the colder months, consider a firetable. These all-season tables have an integrated fire pit right in the middle of the tabletop! Most models allow you to set the flame height to an intimate glow for a quiet dinner or to more robust flames for larger gatherings.

If you love the relaxing sound of trickling water and the sight of dancing flames, then get them both with a firefall. These unique fireplaces provide warmth to large areas and feature an integrated water pump to create a gently flowing waterfall that seems to terminate amongst the flames.

Whether you’re just in the designing phase or searching for that last perfect piece to add to your outdoor room, let the experts at PSNC Energy help you find and install all the natural gas products that will help bring your outdoor room to life! To learn more about any of these products, visit or call 1-877-280-4411.
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