Heat on Demand

Lower energy bills with room heaters.

If you want to warm a single space in the home such as a family or living room, mud room, garage or three-season room without heating the entire house, there are many options available — and one that is perfect for you. Heating only the space you’re using is a great way to lower energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Here are a few different ways that you can generate heat where (and when) you need it:

  • Gas space heaters. For smaller spaces, these heaters can be the perfect solution. Available in both vented and vent-free styles, you can easily find one to fit your needs. Some of the vent-free options even have a 99-percent efficiency rating!
  • Baseboard heaters. Gas-fired direct-vent baseboard heaters are another option for warming up cold rooms, and are approved for use in mobile homes.
  • Fireplaces. This traditional way of warming a home has branched out, and many homeowners have replaced messy, high-maintenance wood-burning units with self-contained gas units. With their intermittent pilot ignition system, which provides a flame only when needed instead of burning continuously, these fireplaces can provide huge savings on energy costs.
  • Freestanding stoves. A freestanding stove offers many benefits of a fireplace, but has more flexibility in venting options. It can be vented either through an existing chimney or through any outside wall — and some models can be installed without vents. Again, keep in mind that installation of these units will be dictated by the area building codes, so always check your local codes before installation.

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Reprinted with permission from Natural Living magazine, copyright 2013 PRISM Media Group.

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