Customer Feedback Leads to Improved Online Shopping

If you’ve visited the natural gas product pages on PSNC Energy’s website lately, you may have noticed some big changes. But did you know all of the changes are in direct response to requests from customers like you? Who knows, you may even see some new features that you requested!

  1. One of the first things you’ll notice is our larger product selection. Instead of just showing a few log sets and one or two water heaters, we are now featuring a wider selection of our products—nearly 60 so far. We plan to add even more by year’s end.
  2. Now when you select a product, you’ll find more detailed descriptions and bigger photos. We hope this will make comparison shopping easier.
  3. Another big improvement (and probably the most requested) is the inclusion of starting prices on most of the listings. Now you’re able to see the competitive prices of our premium products.
  4. We’ve also listed standard installation prices for gas-to-gas switch-outs on some of our most popular natural gas logs and water heaters.
  5. Finally, we’ve added customer reviews to our pages. So far, customers have submitted more than 50 product reviews, and we know these numbers will continue to grow. If you’ve purchased a product from us in the past, go online and let others know about your experience.

We hope all of these enhancements will make your next shopping experience with us more enjoyable! To check out all of the new features, visit
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