Paperless Billing

Say Goodbye to Paper Bills

Eliminate your energy bills – at least on paper – by signing up for paperless billing with PSNC Energy. It’s easy, free and makes life just a little easier. It also reduces your consumption of paper, which is good for the environment!

Here’s how it works:

With paperless billing from PSNC Energy, we send you an e-mail and let you know when you can view your current bill online. You simply sign in to your account online, view your bill electronically and then choose how to pay it. (We offer a number of options, including our convenient ePay and eDraft options, which enable you to pay your bill online. Click on the links provided or see below for more details.)

Concerned you’ll forget to pay your bill if you don’t have a paper copy in front of you? Don’t worry. We’ll even send you an e-mail reminder the day before your bill is due. If you ever do want a paper bill, it’s easy to print out a copy from your computer. You’ll also always have access to up to 24 months of past bills, as well as to payment history.

Plus, your online account – including your bill – is always secure. Only you can access it using your username and password.

Here are just some of the benefits of paperless billing:

  • There’s no waiting for your bill to arrive by mail.
  • There’s no envelope to open – or to discard.
  • You don’t have to worry about putting your bill in a safe place until you’re ready to pay it – and then panicking when you can’t find it.

Add to that the benefits of online bill paying – no checks to write, no stamps to stick, no envelopes to address – and you can see just how convenient going paperless can be!

Existing ePay and eDraft Customers

If you already have online account access and are enrolled in one of our electronic payment options (ePay or eDraft), just select “e-mail” as your billing preference.

Customers Not Signed Up for Electronic Payment Options

If you’re not already signed up for online account access, first sign up for online account access by clicking on the “New User” link in the Sign In box you’ll see at the top of your screen. Follow the prompts for registering your account online.

If you have online account access or just signed up for it, go to “Payment Options”, and choose one of our electronic payment options: eDraftePay, or credit/debit card.

  • eDraft. With eDraft, you can pay your bill the same day every month. Just select the date and provide us with your bank account information. On the specified day each month, we will draft your designated bank account.
  • ePay. With ePay, you get the flexibility to pay your bill online any time prior to its due date. Just provide us with the bank account from which you want to pay your bill. View your bill online any time. When you want to pay it (any time before the due date) you simply select Make a Payment and then click on ePay. We withdraw the funds to pay the bill using the account information provided.
  • Credit/Debit Card. Make immediate one-time payments or set up automatic monthly payments for free when you go paperless.

Then choose “e-mail” as your billing preference. It’s that easy.

Start enjoying the convenience of paperless billing today. Save time, eliminate some of the hassles in your life and do something good for the environment by reducing your consumption of paper.

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