Bill Inserts
PSNC Energy offers important information on a variety of programs and services through printed inserts that accompany your monthly statement. Below is a list of PSNC Energy's general bill inserts. Please refer to your online account for specific communications.

July 2014
  Natural Gas Water Heaters (926KB)
Sewer Line Protection Plan (677KB)
HVAC Financing (803KB)

June 2014
  Conservation & In-Home Energy Audit (86KB) 
The Natural Gas Store (814KB)
Grill and Water Heater Financing (421KB)

May 2014
  Grill and Water Heater Financing (434KB)
Water Heater Repair Plan (1.5MB)
Call Before You Dig (54KB)

April 2014
  Hearing Notice (36KB)
Green Home Tour (112KB)
Grill and Water Heater Financing (469KB)

January 2014
  Natural Gas Logs (1MB)

December 2013
  HVAC Repair Plan (382KB)

November 2013
  Tankless Water Heaters (398KB)
Natural Gas Logs (1MB)
Natural Gas Piping Repair (382KB)

October 2013
  Gas Logs Deal (2.4MB)
Gas Water Heaters (675KB)
Natural Gas Leaks (395KB)

September 2013
  Gas Logs Deal (1.3MB) 
Gas Logs Deal - Generic (1.3MB)
Donate to Heat Care (1MB)

August 2013
  Annual Privacy Notice (90KB)
Water Heater Rebate (238KB)
Natural Gas Piping Repair (350KB)

July 2013
Save on Water Heat (318KB)
Water Line Repair Plan (2.8MB)

June 2013
  Business Resource Team (980KB)

May 2013
  Call Before You Dig (69KB)

April 2013
  Pick Your Perfect Gas Grill or Water Heater (198KB)

March 2013
  Green Home Tour (211KB)
Conservation Rebates (229KB)

February 2013

  Piping & Furnace Protection (111KB)
Tankless Water Heaters (199KB)

January 2013
  Natural Gas News (278KB)

December 2012
  HVAC Financing (413KB)
Furnace Repair Program (109KB)

November 2012
  Natural Gas Logs (693KB)
Gas Log Repair Program (708KB)
Water Heaters (636KB)

October 2012
  Natural Gas Logs (656KB)
Conservation Rebates (196KB)
Know the Signs of a Natural Gas Leak (355KB)

September 2012
  Natural Gas Logs (644KB)
Contribute to Heat Care (1MB)
Waterheater Repair (1.4MB)

August 2012
  Tankless Water Heaters (479KB)

July 2012
  Annual Privacy Notice (47KB)

June, 2012
  Natural Gas Grills (1.4MB)
Tank Water Heaters (669KB)

May, 2012
Call Before You Dig (58KB)
  Tankless Water Heat (786KB)
Water Line Repair Program (2.5MB)

April, 2012
  Natural Gas Grills (761KB)
Tankless Water Heat (471KB)

January, 2012
  Water Heater Repair Program (709KB)

November, 2011
  Natural Gas Logs (853KB)
Tankless Water Heaters (362KB)
Gas Log Repair Plan (694KB)

October, 2011
  Natural Gas Logs (819KB)

September, 2011
  Natural Gas Logs (816KB)
Contribute to Heat Care (304KB)
Water Heater Repair Program (716KB)

August, 2011
  Annual Privacy Notice (73KB)
  Southern Ideal Home Show (459KB)
  Tankless Water Heat (401KB)

July, 2011
   Annual Privacy Notice (73KB) 
   HVAC Repair Plan (1MB)

June, 2011
   Natural Gas Grills (430KB)
   Sewer Line Repair (964KB)

May 2011
  Natural Gas Grills (417KB)
ServiceCare Appliance Repair (590KB)
811 Call Before You Dig (82KB)

April 2011

PSNC Energy ServiceCare Water Line Plan (898KB)

  Natural Gas Grills (245KB)

Tankless Water Heater (439KB)

March 2011

PSNC Energy ServiceCare HVAC Repair Plan (511KB)

  Natural Gas Grills (502KB)

February 2011
  Tankless Water Heat (190KB)
  PSNC Energy ServiceCare Natural Gas Piping Plan (707KB)

January 2011
  PSNC Energy ServiceCare Water Heater Repair Plan (751KB)

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