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Analyze Your Energy Usage
At PSNC Energy, we put the tools you need to understand and control your energy costs right at your fingertips. That includes our Energy Analyzer, a tool available exclusively to PSNC Energy customers who are signed up for online account services.

With the Energy Analyzer, you can: 

  • Compare your natural gas usage for a specific month against the same month the previous year. We'll show you the difference in terms of your actual usage and costs and how those figures translate into percentages.  
  • View your typical and seasonal energy costs.  Your typical cost is the average of your six lowest gas bills over a 24-month period and is reflected in the monthly charges that normally occur regardless of weather and other seasonal events. Your seasonal cost is the current month's cost minus your typical cost and is associated with your monthly charges for winter heating, summer cooling or other factors impacted by temperature changes such as operating a swimming pool pump or
    gas logs.  
  • Learn how the temperature outside impacts your energy usage.  By looking at the average monthly temperatures across a period of time and comparing them to your energy usage for those months, you'll see how the more extreme the outside temperature is, the more your heating or cooling system has to work.
  • View up to 24 months of your billing history.  Look at your average usage per day, your overall monthly charges and the number of days in each month. You can even view images of your actual bills by clicking on the bill date. (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, follow the instructions provided on the Energy Analyzer to get it.)  
  • Learn some of the common terms related to your energy bill, including "therm" and "basic utility charges." It will help take some of the mystery out of your bill so you can better understand the various factors that affect your energy usage and costs.
Start Analyzing
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Learn more about managing your energy costs and usage with our energy-saving tips.

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