Using the PSNC Energy website is easy. All you need is a basic understanding of how to use the Internet and how to move around a website. The following information will help you make sure that your computer and Internet service is set up for accessing and viewing the PSNC Energy website.

Operating system: The PSNC Energy website is designed to work with most standard operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Browser: The PSNC Energy website will work best with any of these browsers:

Internet Connection: We recommend a minimum 56Kb or faster Internet connection.

Encryption: The standard encryption for optimal security is 128-bit.

Note: You may wish to download and install the most current Web browsers, which are available for free from product manufacturer websites. This will also help ensure that your browser has 128-bit encryption.


  • We recommend that you have “cookies enabled” in order to take advantage of all the features and functions of our website. You should check the help section for your browser or consult your browser’s manufacturer for instructions to allow cookies.
  • The PSNC Energy website is designed to work at a minimum screen setting of 800 x 600 but works best if your screen settings are set to 1024 x 768. Consult the Help menu, the monitor manual, or ask the monitor's manufacturer for advice on adjusting your resolution.
  • If you are running pop-up window blocker software, turn it off or set it to allow pop-up windows from the PSNC Energy website. Check with the manufacturer of your specific pop-up blocker program for the instructions to turn off your pop-up blocking software.
  • We use JavaScript to enhance the user’s web experience with interactive and dynamic content. What is JavaScript and why do I need it?

Plug-in Applications: To enjoy all the features of the PSNC Energy website, we recommend that you have the latest versions of the following which are available for free from their manufacturers’ websites.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Many documents available for download or viewing on our site – including bills –require Adobe Acrobat Reader. They are typically labeled as “PDF” documents. We recommend either version 5 or 7 for best results. If you have difficulty viewing a PDF, try downloading the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at:  
  • Windows Media Player: This plug-in allows you to watch videos on our website. You can download the latest version for free at:  
  • Adobe Flash Player: To watch online demonstrations, you’ll need to download this program. To get the latest version for free, go to:  

Display Problems with Internet Explorer 7
Some drop-down lists and combo boxes on our website may not appear in Internet Explorer 7 after you install Microsoft’s security update 2586448. If you are using Internet Explorer 7 and are experiencing problems with drop-down lists, we recommend that you upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 8 or higher. For additional information on this problem, visit the Microsoft website at;en-us;2628724.

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