Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace
Starting at: $1,029

Whether it’s a whole-house or zone-heating solution, the Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace is an ultra-efficient heating solution that will provide a comfortable living environment, reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs compared to a traditional furnace.

  • Intelligent Heating with up to 82% AFUE Efficiency
  • Cool to The Touch Cabinet, Safe Around Children
  • Programmable Thermostat with Timer Child Safety Lock
  • Sealed Combustion Maintains Indoor Air Quality
  • Modulating Gas Burner and Blower for Consistent Warmth
  • Requires No Ductwork, Easy Installation
  • Auto Restart for Power Outages

How It Works

  • Constantly Monitors Room Temperature, 2” from the Floor
  • Consistently Detects Temperature Changes of Less than 1 Degree F
  • Within Seconds, the Rinnai Unit Begins to Gently Warm the room
  • Fan Speed and BTU Output Increase as Necessary to Reach Pre-Set Temperature
  • As the Room Reaches the Desired Temperature, the Unit Reduces Fan Speed and Btu Output
  • In Case of a Sudden Influx of Cold Air, the Rinnai Automatically Adjusts Fan Speed a and BTU’s to Restore Warmth to the Room
  • Rinnai’s Direct Vent Wall Furnaces Require No Ductwork, so Heat is Distributed Evenly and Heat Loss is Minimized
Rinnai DV Wall Furnace

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