Speakers Bureau Topics
Natural Gas Fundamentals -  This presentation provides an overview of clean-burning natural gas - from production to distribution – and the role it plays in America’s energy mix (Suitable for professional/civic organizations and other groups interested in natural gas. There is also a version for middle school and high school students.)

Conservation and Energy Audits – To save money on your energy bill, it helps to know what measures you can take to enhance energy efficiency throughout your home. This presentation shows you no cost/low cost ideas that can save you money. (Suitable for professional/civic organizations and other groups interested in energy efficiency)

Environmentally Friendly Practices –  Learn what PSNC Energy is doing in the workplace to recycle and save energy. We’ll also give you tips on what you can do at home.

Conservation For Children – This presentation is geared toward elementary age children and combines conservation tips with recycling and energy saving ideas.

Natural Gas Appliances – Learn more about the benefits of using natural gas appliances like ranges, logs, grills and fire pits and the advantages of going tankless.

Natural Gas Vehicles - Natural gas is being used as an alternative transportation fuel by both fleet operators and personal drivers. Find out how this works and the availability of refueling stations near you. (Suitable for professional/civic and other groups interested in information about compressed natural gas/natural gas vehicles)

Pipeline Safety - Ensuring the safety of the public is PSNC Energy’s highest priority. Find out more about our commitment to operating a safe and reliable system and why calling 811 before you dig is so important.

People, Culture, Service –  PSNC Energy has a unique company culture that focuses on employees taking ‘ownership’ to get things done and to meet customer’s needs. Learn about our focus on the importance of personal accountability, safety, customer service, employee development, and community involvement. (Suitable for professional/civic groups, and other groups seeking basic knowledge about company culture.)
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