Did you know that natural gas is one of the cleanest energy sources available, burning about 30 percent cleaner than other fossil fuels?1 That means using natural gas in your home is a good way to help reduce your impact on the environment.

Natural gas heat can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. And, natural gas appliances are often more cost-effective to operate, because they last longer and require little maintenance.

Natural Gas Facts
Natural gas is among the most environmentally friendly energy sources available.

Why use natural gas?

  • Increased use of natural gas can help address environmental air quality concerns.
  • Natural gas is a 90 percent efficient fuel, losing only about 10 percent of its usable energy before reaching a customer’s home or business.2
  • Natural gas appliances are among the most energy efficient.
  • Supplies of natural gas are abundant, with 97 percent of the natural gas used in the U.S. coming from North America.3
  • Regardless of the weather, natural gas provides one of the best energy values.
  • Natural gas supplies nearly one-quarter of all of the energy used in the U.S.4

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