Conservation Education Program

PSNC Energy’s “Adventures of the Blue Flame” is a theatrical program created for elementary school students that informs and educates children about natural gas, conservation and energy efficiency.

Our company works with the National Theatre for Children, an organization that specializes in writing and performing educational programs for children, to present this program.

“Adventures of the Blue Flame” is performed throughout PSNC Energy’s service territory at select elementary schools, where the principal has requested the program.

In addition to the assembly-style performance of the program, our company provides participating schools with materials to be used in the classroom along with online assignments to help engage students in learning more about conservation.

10 Answers on Ways to Save Energy

Students who attended the school conservation program at their school can get the answers to the back page of their workbook here:

Do You Know 10 Ways to Save Energy? (2.6MB)

Find out about all of PSNC Energy’s conservation programs. Or, take some time to visit these other cool energy-saving web sites, designed especially for kids! 


Energy Kids Web site
From the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Information Administration

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