Procedures for Joint Meetings with Customers and Marketers/Shippers

PSNC Energy's dedicated large account representatives are available to meet with customers at times and places that are convenient for their customers.

PSNC Energy representatives will meet with customers and their gas marketing affiliate after a customer requests a joint meeting in writing and submits such request to PSNC Energy.

Upon written request, PSNC Energy representatives will meet with customers and nonaffiliated gas marketers under the same conditions as they will meet jointly with customers and its gas marketing affiliate.

A record of all joint meetings between PSNC Energy, a customer, and a gas marketer (affiliated or nonaffiliated) is kept on file in PSNC Energy's corporate office. This information identifies the customer, the marketer (affiliated or nonaffiliated) and the participating PSNC Energy personnel, and is available for review by any customer, any nonaffiliated gas marketer, the Utilities Commission and the Public Staff of the Utilities Commission.

PSNC Energy will post a description and the noncommercial terms of any joint marketing arrangement entered into with its gas marketing affiliate. This information will be posted on PSNC Energy's website along with an offer by PSNC Energy to engage in a joint marketing arrangement on similar terms with a nonaffiliated gas marketer at least 14 days prior to the commencement of such an arrangement and the information will remain on the website for the duration of the arrangement.

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