Gas Service and Rates
1. How do I sign up for gas service?
2. How do I disconnect my gas service?
3. How do I transfer my gas service to a new address?
4. How do I convert to natural gas?
5. What is the rate for residential customers?
6. What is AMR?
7. How does AMR work?
8. What are the benefits of AMR?
9. Will the radio frequency interfere with my television, phones, wireless internet access or invisible fence?
10. What if I am a business customer?
11. When will I get AMR?
12. Will I need to be home when AMR is installed?
13. What is the Basic Facilities Charge?
Account Information/Online Support
1. How do I sign up for an online account?
2. What is an activation code and how do I get one?
3. What does "account is already activated" mean?
4. Trouble signing in?
5. Forgotten your username?
6. Forgotten your password?
7. Why do I need a secret question?
8. How do I respond to error messages or technical problems?
9. How do I update my account information?
10. How do I change the name on my account?
11. Can I add a spouse or 3rd party to my account?
12. Need information on a closed account?
13. How can I get a letter of credit?
14. What is JavaScript and why do I need it?
Bill Paying
1. What options do I have for paying my bill?
2. How do I pay my bills online?
3. How do I register for online billing?
4. How can I stop receiving paper bills?
5. Can I view my bills online?
6. Can you mail me a paper bill?
7. What is Budget Billing?
8. How do I sign up for Budget Billing?
9. Will my monthly Budget Billing payment always be the same?
10. What happens if my Budget Billing payments are different from my actual billing amount?
11. What are the differences between eDraft and ePay?
12. How do I enroll in ePay or eDraft?
13. Need to change bank information for ePay/eDraft?
14. Can I pay my bill by credit card?
15. Can I make partial payments on my gas bill?
16. Do PSNC Energy payment locations charge fees?
17. Where can I pay my PSNC Energy bill in person?
18. Why is the bill mailing address in S.C.?
19. What is Electronic Check Conversion?
20. If I have a credit balance while enrolled in Budget Billing, and I do not pay my bill on time, will I still be charged a late payment fee?
Manage My Energy Costs
1. Can I estimate monthly energy bills?
2. Can I read my own gas meter?
3. What is AMR?
4. How can I analyze my energy usage?
5. Can I get help paying my energy bill?
6. What are these charges on my gas bill?
7. Why is my bill so high?
8. How do I contact Customer Service?
Safety Issues
1. How do I report a gas leak?
2. Who do I call before I dig or excavate?
3. What do I do if I smell gas from an unlit pilot light?
4. Will my gas appliances work during a power outage?
5. What is the Pipeline Safety Program?
Products and Services
1. Can PSNC Energy light my pilot(s)?
2. Can I buy natural gas appliances through PSNC Energy?
3. Can PSNC Energy install or repair my natural gas appliance?
4. Can I finance my gas appliance purchase through PSNC Energy?
5. Do you offer HVAC financing?
6. Can you provide service for my water heater?
7. Where can I find energy savings tips?
8. How do I weatherize my home?
9. How can I reach PSNC Energy?
1. What is the Energy Policy Act of 2005?
2. How can I contribute to Heat Care?
3. How can I get my company added to PSNC Energy’s Supplier Product Information Database?
PSNC Energy Website
1. How do I submit questions or comments about the PSNC Energy Website?
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