Need to change bank information for ePay/eDraft?
You have the option to change the nickname of your bank information. And while you cannot change your actual bank information, you have the options to add another bank account and to delete your non-primary bank accounts. 

  1. From your Billing and Payments options, select the Update Bank Info link. 
  2. Then select "add bank account." 
  3. Once your bank account has been added, you can select this account as your Primary account. 
  4. Any non-primary accounts can be deleted through the Update option.
If you have more than one account enrolled in ePay/eDraft, make sure you change the bank information for all accounts if needed.
Note: Changes to the bank information for eDraft customers will not take effect until the next bill.

If you want the current draft to process from the new bank account, we suggest that you suspend eDraft for the current month and schedule a one-time payment with the new bank account by following the steps provided below: 

  1. From your Billing & Payments, select eDraft Payment Options. 
  2. Select the time period you would like your eDraft suspended. (i.e. current month, current month plus 1, 2 or 3 months, or indefinitely.) 
  3. Select the Make One-Time Payment link to schedule a payment for your account balance from your new bank account.

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